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Company Profile! Our factory directly sales the Chongqing Cummins Engine Parts! Our company 《Chongqing Kang Famous Commerce Co., Ltd.》is developed from 《ChongQing ShaPingBa YouKang Parts Sales Department》,and Located in the Lettuce groove Industrial Park,TongJiaQiao street ,Martyrs Tomb road, ShaPingBa District of Chongqing municipality,China! adjacent to the 《Chongqing Cummins Engine Factory》. Has a strong information and technology support.

Our main products are: Cummins overhaul accessories, assembly parts, filter, crankshaft, connecting rod, fuel injection, etc.( involved in : NT855,NTA855,KTA19,M11,L10,QSK19,KT(A)38,KT(A)50, 4BT, 6BT, 6BT5.9, 6CT, 6CT8.3, L345,N14, NH250, NH220, VT28,ISM11,QSM11,, ISB, ISL etc. - cars, ships, construction machinery, such as parts). And each of them are Quality Assurance and cheap priced !

We have a Strong service teams: Purchasing Department, the domestic sales department, sales department of foreign trade, storage, logistics, technology and customer service department and finance department, before and after are nearly 100 employees.So we can service for you at any time , and make you buy our products entirely rest assured. This truly shows our company’s service principle: complete products, thoughtful service,preferential price, fast offer, fast delivery and guaranteed quality. Making customers expend with no doubts!

We have a strong business team, to carry forward the spirit of continuous hard work and innovation, and continuously expand our business: involved in addition to Cummins Engine parts industry, but also its adjustment PT pump and injector, cylinder repair, stealth anti-theft network, brings together specialties foods from all over China, the mother and infant and child, such as children's products. The rapid development of our company, marketing a wide range of customers around the world already . We have strength, so we have self-confidence!

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